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480Established in 1973, Universe Condenser Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing ceramic capacitors and multilayer capacitors with factories located in Toufen City, Miaoli County of Taiwan and in Huangjiang Town, Guangdong Province of China. Since 2002, we started researching, developing and manufacturing connectors used on antennas, aerospace parts, vehicle parts and Internet communication devices, for example, MCX , MMCX, SMA, N.,CATV/SATELLITE: F., IEC, AUDIO/VIDEO RCA, SPEAKER,..

Aside from products mentioned above, we also import and distribute gadgets listed below.

Electrolytic Capacitors Tantalum Capacitors
MLCC Chip Capacitors Safety Capacitors
Film Capacitors Resistors
EMI Filter Inductors
Buzzer Choke


Based on our technologies and experiences, our products are worthy of your trust, including quality, price and delivery.

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